Alejandro from Spain

Alejandro from Spain

There you are, Alejandro from Spain, with your skateboard. You are a surf instructor in the summers at Ouddorp en you speak English and Spanish. The universe knows that my English is not so good. But I knew I had to give you the scan in English. I told you directly about my English, so that I can let it go. Maybe because of that, I found the words to tell you everything. I didn't know that was possible. So the universe shows me that you can do everything if you are connected without fear or struggles about it. That was my lesson.


An open book

Your communication was very open, and you told me a lot. Now I know that most Dutch people don't tell everything because of being scared or ashamed. You connected directly with the room, with me and with yourself. It feels like a gift, and I have learned that there is so much more to connect with. I've got more power and the universe put me a level higher for more information. After the session, you wrote your experience on paper, and you were willing to share it with me and my readers online. I like those gifts, thank you so much!


The session, written by Alejandro

The session started out very mental, like a whirl of thoughts and imagined situations. I put intention in letting go, and one after the other the thoughts were leaving in succession. Some body tension was appearing and releasing here and there. Observing my breathing helped a lot. During the process, there was a clear voice of me holding it up. I visualized some scenes of releasing. Some were strangers leaving, others just moments fading to a girl softened, and I remembered a dream I had in the winter of 2020. I could visualize the universe, amazing views, but then I looked above, and there was a door, surrounded by lovely beings waiting. Then I opened the door. In the dream I woke up, but now I was not asleep, so I saw the light cracking through the walls of the universe. Like if it was a huge cathedral. Yet the cathedral is like a limit. It is something we build up in the mind to survive in a wild environment. But all this is old. If a person wants to, the doors will open. After this, I could listen clearly to the voice, no more noise. And I then asked who it was from. And I realized the voice was coming from love…from what we are…. A very kind feeling involved me, and I could visualize clearly a shining (mellowly) and opening/ expanding prism of pink, purple and white light.


Words to Laura

My first impression about Laura was calm and clear. Somehow I was not surprised. She first put her hands for the scan. I felt very calm. Everything she said after was accurate and to the root point. Like if she could read a book in me. While in the therapy, I could feel the warmth and power coming from her hands. It was an intense session, yet she was present all the time, and somehow I felt she was taking care of the process. The flow between my experience and her doing was perfectly synchronized. Specially to the end when my mind was already softened. The feeling was like if she was carrying me though the process, with warmth and safety, so I could put my being in order. She had a very direct and strong channel, and allowed me to heal and realize as far as I was ready to go. At the end of the season I could feel how much love (the real unconditional one) she shares. It's interesting how the more humble a therapist is, the bigger the healing possibilities are. I'm so happy and thankful I could have this opportunity. Thanks for everything. Hope to meet you again, maybe next year!!


Words from Laura

At the end of the session you gave me a hug and I feel how happy you were with this session. Now I know that you are also a great writer when I read your story. I feel everything you wrote. Thanks for your openness and success with all the things they give you. I know that you can fix it!


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